Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vernon Downs 2010 Handle Figures

Vernon Downs rounded out 2010 with almost an identical posting of their on track handle from 2009, however the export number for the 2010 race season was down 9.5% over 2009.

On the import side at Vernon Downs however, 2010 showed almost a 2% increase from 2009 and was the highest import number in the past five years since American Racing and Entertainment took over Vernon Downs.

However, the VGM revenue at Vernon Downs posted a strong year and with all the numbers in has increased from 2009 by more than 10%.

“While obviously the significant increases in our VGM revenue will result in more money for purses next year, the fact that our racing revenues were also stable or slightly better than 2009 is encouraging as well,” said Jeff Gural, Chairman of American Racing and Entertainment.

Tioga Downs showed increases in both live and export handle during its 2010 race meet, live handle was up for the year by nearly 4%, while the export numbers jumped by more than an 8% increase.

The import numbers at Tioga stayed about the same compared to 2009 despite Tioga closing its simulcast operations on Monday and Tuesdays since November.

Tioga Downs also showed strong gains in VGM revenue as 2010 was up over 2009 by 7%.

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